Early Childhood Center & Admin Offices

In order to merge the Administrative Staff Services and Board of Education facilities from multiple sites, we expanded the existing 9,100 sq ft administrative office building. Additions include more offices, conference rooms and a Board of Education meeting room, which doubles as a space for large gatherings, school activities and community meetings. There was also a need for a new Early Childhood Center to house the Kindergarten Kids Connection, Funshine Preschool, extended preschool care and preschool enrichment programs.

The exterior design is intended to blend with the surrounding residential environment. In an effort to be sensitive to these surrounding, each classroom is its own separate entity, breaking up the large building and making it appear smaller in scale. Individual cupolas were added to complete the older “school-house” feel of the architecture.

Project Details:

Project Name:
Early Childhood Center & Administrative Offices
Clarkston Community Schools
Clarkston, MI
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