Northville Fire Department

French Associates was contracted by the government and public safety officials of the Charter Township of Northville to design a new fire station, police headquarters and township hall. Originally, the township offices were combined with the police and fire departments in a dated, cramped facility.

The fire station accommodates multiple fulltime fireman. One wing dedicated to living quarters includes a sleeping room, dayroom, kitchen, lockers and exercise area. The administration wing contains offices, a training room, and other administrative functions. The wings flank an apparatus bay, complete with underground exhaust system and an active training tower. The building’s design is reminiscent of traditional architecture found in the surrounding neighborhood. Pitched roofs, brick-and-stone exteriors and accented windows blend the facility harmoniously into its suburban setting.

Project Details:

Project Name:
Northville Fire Department
Charter Township of Northville
Northville, MI
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