Shelby Police Department

The Shelby Police Station is a simple and efficiently designed building in order to fit the tight budget the township had available. The original program called for approximately 25,000 which was to be created by adding onto the first floor of the existing township hall building where the police department was originally located. We suggested that rather than being bound by several limitations of the existing building, they consider building a new building and locating the most critical program needs in the new building. This would allow supplemental meeting spaces, storage and fitness areas in the vacated space in the existing building. We also suggested that these spaces be shared with other township departments.

The new building includes a public lobby, records department, detective bureau, narcotics offices, administrative offices, squad room, dispatch center, sergeants offices, lieutenant’s offices, holding cells, sally port garage, officer locker rooms, evidence lab and property room storage. Exterior materials of brick, polished concrete masonry and stone were used for their durability and sense of stability.

Project Details:

Project Name:
Shelby Police Department
Charter Township of Shelby
Shelby Township, MI
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